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About Renewable Lubricants - RLI™

  • World Leading Developer and Manufacturer of High Performance Biobased Lubricant Technology.

  • Since 1991, RLI™ has been the biobased technology leader with R&D Heavily Supported by Commodity Organizations, Government Grants, and Strategic Partners.

  • First BioBased lubricant company to be approved for military tatical applications.

  • First to use high-oleic vegetable oil in combustion engines.

  • First biobased lubricants (engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil) to set speed records in 7 world racing titles.

  • Most Published Success Profiles and Testimonials in the Biobased Lubricant Industry. Read testimonials and success profiles ...

  • Not all Biobased Products Perform Equally !  Read more ...

  • Experience and Technical Expertise to Service Customers' Needs.

  • Over 180 US and International patents. Click here to view issued patents ...

RLI Overview-R&D

Did you Know?

RLI’s laboratory is world renowned as a leader in R&D of Biobased/Biodegradable Lubricant Technology.  Many companies have required RLI’s biobased research and development expertise and application knowledge.


RLI’s lab has been under R&D contracts and worked with companies and government organizations including: Battelle Memorial Institute, Chevron Phillips Chemical, United Soybean Board, Ohio Soybean Council, Dow AgroSciences, Lubrizol, USDA, DOD, and CTC, to name a few.  RLI’s laboratory was chosen to participate in ASTM’s Round Robin studies for Cannon Instruments.

Renewable Lubricants products are certified by:


USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) Certified Bio-based Product Label


Biopreferred program for US government


NSF Food Grade H1 Certified


White House Closing The Circle Award


REACH regulation of the European Union


United States- Environmental Protection agency certified- Environmentally Acceptable Bio-Based Lubricants.


Bio-Power™ - Diesel Fuel Additive 

Bio-Power™ is a Soy-based diesel fuel additive formulated to improve fuel economy and power, and overcome the known problems associated with today’s fuel and newer emission control systems.


Bio-Power™ provides approved EPA standards for world class “Premium Diesel” injector cleanliness, lubricity, and stability (EPA registration#21482001 per 40 CFR 70.23).  When used at the recommended treat rate in untreated fuel, Bio-Power ™ helps diesel fuels meet and exceed the National Conference on Weights & Measurements (NCWM), Engine Manufacturer’s Association (EMA) and Truck Maintenance Council (TMC) requirements.

Bio-Power™ Diesel Fuel Additive-1-Qt
Bio-Power™ Diesel Fuel Additive-1-Gal
Bio-Power™ Diesel Fuel Additive-5-Gal-BKT

Bio-Valve Lube™- Petrol Fuel Additive 

Bio-Valve Lube™ chemistry is approved for use by the EPA for off-road equipment and marine engine manufacturers.


Using this highly concentrated fuel additive is an absolute necessity for reducing valve seat, ring, and upper cylinder wear in engines that operate at high RPM’s or under heavy loads.  This technology has been extensively tested; it helps prevent expensive repairs, increases fuel efficiency, is very cost-effective, and it protects against corrosion on valves and fuel systems during use and in storage.

Bio-Valve Lube™ -Fuel Additive-1-Qt
Bio-Valve™-Petrol Fuel Additive-1-Gallon

Bio-Plus™- Milage Enhancer

Bio-Plus™ Milage Enhancer is a Multi-functional, highly concentrated, synthetic biobased gas additive that is formulated to provide excellent intake valve cleanliness and ensure clean efficient combustion in fuel injected and carburetor equipped engines.


This cost effective product meets the BMW criteria for lifetime intake valve deposit control with continuous use and is recommended for use in all grades of gasoline including gasoline containing oxygenates.  Bio-Plus™ contains synthetic polymeric dispersants, anti-oxidants, demulsifer components, and anti-corrosive agents that are formulated in a synthetic biobased carrier which will not affect octane ratings or catalytic converters.  Bio-Plus™ meets performance standards requested by EPA and major automotive manufacturers.  Polymeric dispersants have been recognized by major automotive manufacturers and the EPA to clean injectors, keep injectors clean with continuous use, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. Tests have been conducted that show using synthetic polymeric dispersants can provide fuel efficiency up to 15% and a reduction of exhaust emissions up to 18%.

Bio-Plus™-Milage Enhancer-12-Oz-Bottle
Bio-Plus™-Milage Enhancer-1-Gallon
Bio-Plus™-Milage Enhancer- 5-Gal-BKT

Mark Thomas -

World Nationals Drag Race at Norwalk Speedway

~ We won our 7th World Championship totally lubricated with Renewable Lubricants.



This is the easiest testimonial I can write. Since switching our car to Renewable Lubricant bio-based products, we have seen an increase in engine parts life – bearings, lash caps, rocker arms. We have seen an increase in parts life by an amazing 300%.

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